Roadway & Irrigation Canals Construction Services

We are offering our clients Highway Construction services that are appreciated for their longer service life. It is made sure that these highways are highly durable and maintenance free. Moreover, our professionals also see to it that the support that is required to hold up the sections are manufactured at the bridge site, so as to make it dimensionally accurate.

National highways connecting states, and state highways connecting important destinations within the state are the key elements for Country's development. Building and improvising highways require huge investments, manpower and strong technical and administrative capacities. With stringent quality standards, and very minimal turnaround time for the completion of the projects, managing the already existing heavy traffic along these highways and improvising them, is a task which requires shrewd planning and precise execution. We have executed several highway projects, in various states across India, and have built several bypass roads circumventing the major cities, and ensuring quick transportation.

Irrigation canals fulfill the demands of rural India, providing water resource for agriculture and domestic consumption. Construction of canals includes construction of barrages and strengthening to prevent soil erosion, seepage, and ensure smooth flow of water. We have designed and executed canals across several waterways in the state of Karnataka and have provided water resources to the rural areas for agriculture and domestic consumption.