Power Generation / Renewable Energy

Solar PV Power Plant at Jinkapalli Village, Chelur Hobli, Bagepalli Tq, Karnataka.(Renewable Energy)

Power Purchased by BESCOM

The current project is being implemented with an interest in contributing to the society by harnessing solar power to generate electricity via the renewable resource and thereby reduce the CO2 emissions. And also to put to use land which was not being utilized for any active or fruitful purpose.

Every Unit of electricity generated from Solar Power reduces emission of CO2 by 800 grams if electricity produced from coal or gas generators. 1MWp solar power plants will generate around 15,00,000 units of electricity per year, means of reduction of 12,00,000 kgs of CO2 to environment. Each mature tree can absorb around 25 kgs of CO2 per year, hence 1MWp Solar power plant spread around 4 Acres is equal to 48,000 mature trees (12,000 trees per Acres).

It is advantageous to exploit Solar power which is available abundantly in the state and mitigate the soaring cost of fossil fuels. This project would also help the state-owned power supply company in tiding over the power shortage scenarios that crop up during the year.